Tuesday, January 17, 2012

January 2012 Birch Box!

I love when my Birch Box comes in the mail! It's like Christmas every month! This month was no different. I practically chewed the box open I was so anxious to see what was in it. Here are the wonderful goodies I got this month! I usually take pictures myself of these but for some reason I can't find the pictures I took. 

stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eyeliner in Blue Ribbon

Retails for: $20.00 a pencil.
This awesome silky eyeliner is perfect for changing up your black eyeliner. This comes in three different beautiful colors. I got the Blue Ribbon which is like a blueish gray (cerulean). Beautiful! It also comes in Moray which is a golden olive,  Peacock which is a shimmery azure and also Lionfish which is a chestnut brown. The best part is that these beauties are waterproof so they stay vibrant and beautiful all day long.
How to use:
Trace your upper lashline, gently sweeping it up towards your temple to create a cat-eye affet. You can also use a smudge utensil like a smudge stick or cotton swab to make a sexy smoky eye effect. 
Larabar Mini Bar

Retails for: $14.95 for a box of 12
This little nugget of yum is the perfect treat to stuff in your purse when you're on the run. It is an all natural snack bar that not only is super yummy but it's also REALLY good for you. It's made with no preservative or fillers and it comes in lots of delish flavors. There are Blueberry Muffin, Carrot Cake, Peanut Butter Cookie and my favorite Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. YUM!
Juicy Couture - Juicy Couture Perfume
Retails for: $89.00 for a 3.4oz bottle
This fragrance is light and fresh on the skin. It's subtle but draws you in to take a nice sniff. It's a blend of fruity and floral and is designed to make you not only smell fabulous but feel fabulous as well. There are top notes of watermelon, passion fruit, and mandarin combined with marigold and also green apple. There are undertones of rose, vanilla and caramel to get the rich warmness of the perfume. I love it. It smells divine! 
Clark's Botanicals Smoothing Marine Cream

Retails for: $115.00 for a 1.7fl oz tub
This product is made to battle dullness, fine lines, and dry skin. It also does wonders for your complexion with some really powerful moisturizer. Clark's is a runway best seller that transforms your skin with a potent blend of exfoliating natural acids and energizing algae extracts. It has very much so become a cult favorite. 
How it Works:
All Clark's Botanicals' skincare products use Jasmine Absolute to rebalance troubled skin. Culled from nocturnally blooming jasmine flowers, the precious oil has anti-inflammatory and immuno-boosting properties. In addition, this moisturizer features a gentle does of glycolic acid to slough away dead skin cells, plus marine algae extracts to soften skin. 
Archipelago Pomegranate Body Soap
Retails for: $12.50 for a 6.9oz bar
This triple milled formula pairs a pure vegetable oil base with rich mango seed and shea butters to make one heck over a soap. This is not your momma's drugstore bar soap. White tea and cranberry extracts provide an antioxidant boost but the main star is pomegranate. It has both benefits on the skin and the psyche.  

Stay tuned tonight when I do a beakdown of the products. I haven't gotten to try all of them out but I'm going to try to do a vlog post on how they all work! 

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