101 in 1001

This has finally ended. 
Probably much earlier than it was supposed to but my countdown timer broke so...
Then end result:
Did not Finish: 43

Ok, so I've really been wanting/trying to better myself as an overall person. I want to make my family life better as well as the life I share with my husband and son. I have officially made my 101 in 1001 list. Here it is:
black = finished
red = did not finish
green = in the process

For My Kitchen
1. get a REAL mixing machine
-got a mixer for Christmas 2010
2. make my & Stratton's plus Derek's birthday cakes
-made Black Label Society cupcakes for Derek's birthday
-my sister and I made cupcakes that looked like frogs for Stratton's birthday 
3. learn 20 new recipes (20/20)
4. get Stratton to help was dishes at least once a week
5. make breakfast every weekend with Stratton
6. make cupcakes for special occasions
7. get a new fridge
8. get a new oven mit
thank the Lord I got a new one. I kept burning my fingers with the dang dish cloths
9. make 1 batch of cookies a month (15/33)
Dececmber 2010 sugar cookies
January 2011 sugar cookies
February 2011 sugar cookies
February 2011 Grandma B's Home Made cookies
March 2011 premade chocolate chip cookies
April 2011 I skipped out on the cookies and made pie
May 2011I have been making pies because it's so great to have a strawberry pie
June 2011  4 strawberry pies and help make mints for a wedding
July 2011 red white and blue sugar cookies
August 2011 sugar cookies
September 2011Grandma B's Home Made Cookies
October 2011 Pumpkin sugar cookies
November 2011 Grandma B's Home Made Cookies (I whisked them instead of mixing them, not a good outcome)
December 2011 sugar cookies and Grandma B's Home Made Cookies
January 2012 Sugar cookies for Lauren that had frosty the snowman on them

Update: 6/21/12 : I have been so busy lately I have given up on trying to make cookies every month.

10. try to cook with wine at least 3 times (0/3)
-does boiling brats in beer count?
11. Invite friends or family over at least 1 time every two weeks for a meal
12. try to make a souffle
    For Stratton
    13. take Stratton on at least 5 overnight vacations, even if they are small like STL (5/5)
    - June 30 - July 5 Derek, Stratton and I went to McHenry, IL to visit Derek's mom and step dad for the holiday. It's 1 hour north of Chicago and 1 hour south of Milwaukee 
    -February took Stratton to STL with the in-laws and spent the night at the casino 
    -We also went camping a few times which totally counts
    14. take Stratton camping to at least 5 different parks (2/5)
         -For three different OTA events we have camped at Bass River Resort
         -Council Bluffs for OTA event
    15. find 300 geocache with Stratton (73/300) 
         -click here for our progress
    16. read to Stratton at least 5 times a week
    -I have been keeping up with this religiously!
    17. take Stratton to the St Louis Science Center
    18. take Stratton to at least 3 different zoos (1/3)
    -took him to the STL zoo
    19. take Stratton to the St Louis City Museum
    20. go to at least 5 other states with him and stay over night (1/5)
    -we stayed over night in Illinois for our July 2011 vacation to Chicago
    21. get rid of all of Stratton's clothes that don't fit anymore and donate them 
    I'm slowly but surely getting rid of his clothes...finally. 
    -Almost all of his clothes from when he was little are GONE! 
    6/21/12: Finally went through all his clothes and put them in storage in preparation for baby #2
    22. keep his night time schedule in tact (i.e. going to bed the same time EVERY night)
    -this has been hard lately because he hasn't been wanting to stay in his own bed but we are sticking to going to bed around 9:00-9:30 every night (5/19/2011) 
    -Update: 1/30/2012 - Stratton has been horrible about going to be on time and has been sneaking into our bed around 3-5 in the morning. Lots less sleep for mommy and daddy. 
    -Update: 6/21/12 - Stratton has been sleeping in bed with us nonstop. This has got to change soon. 
    -Update: 7/10/13 - We bought at big boy twin sized bed for Stratton. He starts out in our bed and when he falls asleep Derek or I put him in his bed. SUCCESS!! 
    23. get Stratton POTTY TRAINED!!!
    -we have been having Stratton wear big boy undies for a few hours a day to get him used to wearing them
    -UPDATE: 8/9/11Stratton has been going to the potty (when he is completely naked) all by himself and he pooped behind our door. 
    -UPDATE: 11/2011 HE IS POTTY TRAINED! Both going poop and potty on the potty! It's been SO long since he has had an accident! He even slept through the night and stayed dry! 
    24. make sure every night we pray before bed and say "I love you"
    -Stratton is starting to learn
    "Now I lay me down to sleep
    I pray the Lord my soul to keep
    If I die before I wake
    I pray the Lord my soul to take"
    "This is the church
    this is the steeple
    open the doors and see all the people
    close the doors and hear them pray
    open the doors and they all walk away"

    For Derek
    25. have at least one date night a month (33/33)
    26. pay for another tattoo as a gift for him
    Paid for a tattoo on 1/28/12 read about it here
    27. go for a walk (when it's warm) at least once a week
    28. take a mommy/daddy vacation for no less than 3 days
    29. go to church at least once a month (0/33)
    Derek refuses to go to church with me. Even on Easter.
    30. pray for Derek nightly
    -even when he has been at the top of my sh*t list I still pray for him
    31. never go to bed angry or upset and without saying "i love you"
    one bad fight made me not be able to scratch this off

    For My Soul
    32. call Grandma B at least once a week
    33. give to the church at least once a month
    34. get a new vehicle
    the truck is paid off so it's staying in our driveway
    Update: Traded in my Kia for a Jeep Patriot :) 
    35. blog more about daily life and my thoughts instead of just blog challenges
    36. start a journal/scrapbook for Stratton about our geocaching adventures
    -made Stratton's first book about all of our geocaching we did in 2010

    For Myself
    37. hang more pictures of the people I love in our living room
    38. get the tattoo on my back finished
    39. get my ring finger tattooed under my wedding band for 5 year anniversary
    40. get a pedicure at least once every 3 months
    41. run or walk in at least 15 5k or 1 mile benefit races
    42. stay enrolled in 2 classes per semester and pass
    Fall 2010-2011 Made a B in both Color Composition and a gov class.
    Summer 2011- Made a B in my Political Systems class thanks to my BIL Seth.
    Spring 2012 - Made an A in both my classes
    Summer 2012 - dropped my summer class and waiting to take a different UI class
    Fall 2012 - Still up in the air about that. 
    43. get my hair cut at least once a month (5/33)
    -I'm trying to save on money so now I'm only getting it cut when I feel it's necessary.
    44. take a relaxing bath at least once every 2 weeks
    45. take time to do homework every week instead of rushing last second
    -so far so good. My color comp class really made me have to stay on top of my homework so I didn't have to do everything all at once. It felt good to be able to casually do homework instead of rush and I got a better grade because of it.
    -my summer class had lots of reading nightly but I managed to stay on top of it.  
    46. make a painting to hang up in my living room
    I have to get it hung but it has now been painted
    47. have another baby
    -Due January 24,2013
    -miscarried July 16, 2012 
    48. get our family portrait taken again professionally 
    - Thank you Ashley Lancaster for helping my scratch this one off

    For My Mind
    49. take one class every summer semester until I graduate
    50. read a book a month (6/33)
    51. get new furniture for the basement so Derek will quit whining
    52. hang out with my sister as much as possible
    53. babysit for one of my sibling in-laws as often as they need me
    54. make something with my sewing machine for Stratton, Derek and our living room (2/3)
    -update: Made Derek a quilt out of his old heavy metal t-shirts check it out HERE
    -I'm currently working on a quilt for our bedroom that I can cuddle with at night. (5/19/2011)
    55. go geocaching at least 3 times a mont
    56. make it a point to snuggle in bed with Stratton on the weekends and watch the show of his choice
    57. try to get back to my "pre-baby" body
    58. instead of getting a boob job just buy padded bras and forget about it
    I have invested in 5-6 quality padded bras from VS. I'm good now.
    59. have at least one quiet time a week
    60. get a certificate in graphic design

    For My Health
    61. walk (when it's warm) 3 times a week
    62. go on more hikes
    -hiked the Juden Creek Trail w/Levi 
    -hiked the Yellow Train w/Derek and Stratton
    63. eat more fruit daily
    -I've been eating at least 1 serving of fruit a day or drinking a glass or juice a day
    64. drink at least 32oz of water daily
    -I have been peeing like a race horse but it has helped with my skin a lot
    65. eat breakfast daily
    -I haven't been eating breakfast daily
    66. make healthier meals for dinner
    67. get a good pair of running shoes and wear them ONLY for running
    -Vibram just came out with a new pair of five fingers called Komodos. Those are going to be my "running shoes" that will only be used for running. I have to find out where to get them first though. (5/19/11)
    -got a pair of sacony's and they are ONLY for running 
    68. eat more vegetables even if I don't like them
    69. eat less red meat and more fish
    70. take more vitamins daily
    -Update: as of Jan 2010 I have started taking Woman's Daily Vitamins and also a calcium chew
    - Update: I have been taking prenatals nightly :)

    For My Blog
    71. post daily even if it's small
    72. post more pictures of myself and more pictures of me and Derek together
    73. get a new camera for higher quality pictures
    -Got a new Sony camera and it is AWESOME!
    74. change the background AND music monthly
    75. make a new picture for the header for every holiday

    For My Home
    76. finish painting the upstairs rooms that we haven't painted yet (0/3)
    77. finish redoing the basement
    -UPDATE: 12/1/2011 The basement is completely tiled and I now have an office in the basement!!! It just needs to be decorated. Hey, I have a desk and a chair in there. That's a start. 
    78. get a new couch for the living room
    -bought a sectional from Ashley Furniture
    79. put in hardwood floors upstairs
    80. hang pictures and decorate Stratton's room
    Update: Stratton's room theme is comic books. We have posters hung and pictures hung. He loves it. 
    81. paint the deck again
    82. fix the fence that was broken by the tree limb
    83. pull any weeds every couple of weeks
    84. finish the landscape in the front of the house and add flowers
    85. mow and weed eat more often

    For My Wallet
    86. start using coupons EVERY trip to Wal-Mart or Target
    87. start new banking account for more savings
    -opened the new savings account January 2010
    88. pay off our discover bill and get rid of it
    89. save up for one big family vacation
    90. buy more off brand products

    For My Family & Others
    91. send out birthday cards monthly
    92. donate to at least 5 charities (5/5)
    -Bought Ashley and Whitney's Christmas present at The Buckle and half of what you pay for the jewelry goes to the charity.
    -Bought a pair of Toms which donates a pair of shoes to another child in need
    -Donated to Heart of Africa for La Croix
    -Donated to the Arthritis Foundations
    -Donated to the Cyber Bullying Prevention Charity
    93. make everyone their Christmas present instead of just buying something. It just means more.
    Christmas 2011 Stratton and I made everyone their Christmas presents. We made sparkly glitter ornaments with his hand print on them. 
    94. call people on their birthdays instead of just texting
    95. adopt a family one Christmas
    96. pay for the person behind me at the drive thru

    For Geocaching
    97. get to 300 finds (73/300)
    -Follow our progress here
    98. place at least 5 geocache (5/5)
    99. find geocache in 5 different states (1/5)
    100. take 5 friends/family members geocaching (5/5)
    -Lauren Skelton  (friend)
    -Casey Brennan (sister)
    -Marcus House (sister's boyfriend)
    -Ben Pierce (friend)
    -Derek Williams (husband)

    101. complete all of my 101 in 1001