Thursday, December 8, 2011

Elf on the Shelf

Oh the Elf on the Shelf. Stratton's newest enemy.
Most kids that are introduced to the Elf love him and his magical ways. Not my kid. He's terrified of him. I sat him down and read him the book about how the elf.
 We asked him what he wanted to name his new magical friend and all he could say was "Elf." Derek and I made him at least put a -y on the end of it so he is now known as "Elfy." He was seriously terrified that this thing was now going to be living in our house and watching him. We put him on the tree and every time Stratton would walk by the tree he would stare at it like it was going to jump off the tree and bite him.

The next day we moved him like the book says to do and we hid him in the kitchen. The morning went by and Stratton was too tired to notice that he had moved but when we got home he remember and finally found him. Right before bedtime came around I told Stratton he had to take a bath. Not a good thing because recently he's hated getting in the bathtub. He loves it once he's in there but he hates the initial "lets get in the bath right now." I told him that "Elfy was watching him and Santa wouldn't bring him the skateboard play set that he's been wanting if he didn't listen to Mommy." Immediately he broke down in tears and said he didn't need another skateboard set because he already had one and he didn't need two. This seriously broke my heart. I don't have the heart to tell him lies like that. He's getting the skateboard set. I already have it bought. He's so scared of the dang thing that we put him back in his box and put him in the closet. See ya later Elfy. I'm hoping that just telling him that Santa is watching him is good enough. Poor kid is already scared of monsters and ghosts. We don't need to throw another creepy elf into the mixture.

Keep your eyes peeled tomorrow! I have TWO crafts to post about AND Friday Confessions!

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Karen said...

aww! Poor thing. Good decision to say sionara to Elfy. Maybe next year?