Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Where has my mind gone?

I think this cold weather is doing something to my brain.

I went to Wal-Mart with my sister and her boyfriend Marcus on Sunday to get ingredients to make a pot roast. I got my carrots, red potatoes, mushroom soup, and a few other small odds and ends that we needed. Got home and realized...I forgot to buy the roast. Seriously? Who does that?

I had to drop off some movies that we rented over the weekend and I took Stratton with my to return the movies and to finally get the roast. I got the roast right off the bat plus some paint and paint pens for Christmas presents that Stratton and I are making! (pics of those coming soon!) Side note: I don't carry a purse. I am one of the weird women that don't. I carry my wallet and my phone and my keys all in my pockets. This soon will have to change. I got checked out and took my three bags and 25lb box of kitty litter out to the truck, in the rain and cold. Stratton got buckled in and I heard something fall on the ground. I looked down and saw that my glasses case fell into the parking lot. I picked it up, wiped it off, got back in the truck and drove home.

About an hour later I got a call from my dad on Derek's phone asking where my phone was (this is a pretty common occurrence because I always to turn my phone off silent after I get out of class. I told him I wasn't really sure to be honest and he told me it was at Wal-Mart. Someone had picked it up out of the parking lot soaking wet and turned it in! Thank the Lord! I was busy with getting the kid and the cat bathed so he went and picked it up for me. Isn't he the best dad ever?!

I am so thankful that there are still some good people out there that would turn in a phone instead of thinking to keep it for themselves. I am also thankful that I have such an awesome dad that would go to the store at 10 o'clock at night when it's cold and rainy because his little girl would lose her butt if it wasn't attached.

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Karen said...

AW! Once, I pulled over to do something for Vincent in the back seat. I guess when I got back in my car my phone fell out of my pocket. Anyway, someone picked it up and KEPT IT! I got the call log from AT&T and somehow got ahold of the man-child's mom, who dropped off my phone and $25 for her kid's phone calls. The guy was not a kid by the way. Just a jerky adult. I'm glad someone turned it in for you and it sounds like you have a pretty sweet dad!