Tuesday, November 1, 2011

 Stratton Iron Man was talking to his Aunt Casey on the phone about how we were getting ready to go Trick or Treating! He loves talking on the phone now a days.
 He looks like such a big boy!
 First stop with mom and dad was Grandma Marge's house. He walked in the door and the first thing he wanted to do was play with his blocks.
 Of course he HAD to ring the doorbell too. Dad helped a little with this one.
 He also knocked.
...then he said "Trick or Treat!"
He was loving all the attention but he DID NOT like being called Iron Man. We would say "Hi Iron Man!" and he would come right back with "I'm NOT Iron Man, I'm Stratton!"
 He liked showing his muscles though.
 Family Photo! Derek as a Gwar Fan (not really), Stratton as Iron Man, and me as Minnie Mouse.
 John, Grandma Marge and Stratton for a family picture. Love them so much.
 Making our way to Aunt Casey's house for more Trick or Treating. Sage didn't like my ears. She barked at me until I got close to the door and started talking to her.
 He was SO excited to see Aunt Casey and Uncle Marcus.
 Aunt Casey had "shark" teeth in. (He thinks I'm saying shark instead of sharp. I don't have the nerve to correct him just yet)
 First tantrum of the night. He didn't want his picture taken. I totally understand though. I would rather have candy then a good picture any old day too.
 Still pouting and wouldn't look at me for the picture.
 Aunt Casey and Uncle Marcus with their "shark" teeth and Uncle Marcus with his Warrior hat!
 Don't bite! That's not nice!
 Aunt Casey and Uncle Marcus with their favorite nephew Stratton (also their only nephew ;) )
 Sisters on Halloween with the pretty tree in the background.
 Happy Halloween from the Brennan sisters!
 Stratton refused to wear his mask so Aunt Casey was showing him how cool it was.
 ..and then Uncle Marcus showed him too. It was to no avail though.
 Sage the attack dog.
 Cousin Payne as Plex and Uncle Garrett as DJ Lance Rock.
 He could not run fast enough to the front door to see Grandma Mona.
 He LOVES his Grandma Mona.
 She gave him a goody bag filled with candy.
 I love this picture.
 This one too.
 a little editing. 
 This cute little guy came to the door dressed as a werewolf and Stratton really wanted to give him candy...until he saw his mask. He just kept his hand reached out with the candy in it and he kept backing away from the door. He was so scared of him. Haha. We walked by him later on while we were out Trick or Treating and he saw him and got scared again and asked me to carry him.
 Uncle Garrett, cousin Payne, and Aunt Stephie on Halloween!
 Uncle Seth as Fred Flintstone
 All the dressed up ones for Halloween.

I'm sad we didn't get to stop and see my parents on Halloween. Next year we decided we are going to have a Halloween party at our house and then after the party we're going to go Trick or Treat. Mark your calendars family! Hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween. Keep your eyes peels the next couple of days for another blog look change. :)

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