Monday, October 17, 2011

Celebrating Baby Jackson

Derek's cousin Ashley Hoskins is expecting a little bundle of joy in December so to celebrate him we (my sister in laws Stephanie and Ashley) had a baby shower for here this past weekend. Her and her husband live in Tennessee so we don't get to see her very often but when we do we always enjoy getting to spend time with her.

She is seriously the most beautiful pregnant woman I have seen in quite some time. She makes pregnancy look so good. The shower was so much fun and it was so nice getting to spend the day in such beautiful weather.


 The Belly of Honor: Ashley and her mom Cindy.
 All the yummy food!
 Stephanie's friend Alexis made this cake. It was SO yummy!
 My nephew Payne.
 The party goers sun bathing in the wonderful weather that we had.
 More party goers enjoying the company and good weather.
 Mrs Bonnie measuring our her toilet paper for the game.
 Ashley and Mona playing the TP game
 Ashley's Grandma Lynch and Ashley
 Ashley and her momma. She got it almost dead on. She was 1/2 of a square over.
 She definitely knows her grandbaby belly
 Showing off her victory.
 Mrs Bonnie measuring her TP
 She was off by a lot haha.
 Judy measuring up her belly.
 Cristy taking a turn.
 Ashley's cousin Lindsey taking her turn.
 Grandma Cindy and her baby measuring won the game.
 Me and Derek's Aunt Cindy.
 Me, Ashley and Stephanie

 Payne again.
 Cobie was so sleepy.
 Gift opening now

 A rattle and spoon for baby Jackson
 and a matching cup
and a bear piggy bank

 Cindy was so proud of the burp cloth that she made. It's really cute. I love owls.
 Four generations.
 Another shot of the beautiful cake.
 Ashley with Grandma Mona
Aunt Cindy and Ashley
 I made her hold her dress so we could see the beautiful belly. 
 Mrs Bonnie and Grandma Mona.
 Lindsey and Ashley
 Ashley, Steph, Ashley and Me 
 Me and Ashely. I wish we lived closer together so we could see each other more. 

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Ashley said...

Emily, Thank you so much for taking so many pictures and for posting this sweet blog! I am so glad I got to celebrate with you guys! I really cannot wait for baby Jackson to meet all of my Jackson family!! Love you!