Thursday, August 4, 2011

Shopping Fast

OK, so today it starts. I'm going on a shopping fast until the end of the month.
My friend Leslie did this a little while back and I have really felt like I am seriously addicted to buying STUFF!
Stuff I don't need, stuff I think I need that I really don't, and stuff that eventually runs out and I need to buy more of it. Groceries, gas, and the essential "girl" items are not included in this fast for obvious reasons.

Either way. I spend too much money on crap I don't need. SO, I'm writing down all the "stuff" that I want to buy and I'm not going to buy it just to see how much money I can save myself if I just had better control over my spending. I don't have a all. We pay our bills and spend whatever money is left over on "stuff."

So here goes.

Today I wanted to buy:

album on iTunes cost: $9.99
lunch at El Torreros cost: around $15 usually

I'm determined to save money. I have got to take on this demon by the horns and get it under control. Wish me luck.


Les said...

Proud of you. It's hard work! I like the idea of listing everyday what you'd like to buy, but are not going to. That way at the end of the fast it will be easy to go back and tally up all that you've saved! Love ya girl, I'll be praying for you!

Mallory said...

Three words...Financial Peace University! It's incredible, really, really incredible! It changed our lives.

Karen said...

GREAT idea! Though we have an excellent budget I find that I waste money on ...well, whatever. Basically whatever I want, I get. This fast is an swesome idea. I might have to give it a try.