Monday, August 1, 2011

Over the Weekend

This weekend was FULL of stuff to do. Fun stuff mind you. I took LOTS of pictures and edited a few of them. Here are my favorites from this weekend.
 Stratton and I went 3 days in a row! Friday when we went there was nobody there yet.
 We won 2 fish on Friday.
 Stratton was SO excited that he won.
 I love old Merry Go Rounds. This one is so neat with all the vintage colors.
 Stratton also loved the car ride. We wound up riding on this 4 times that day.
 He is seriously the cutest!
 Derek, Stratton and I went back on Saturday with our friend Todd.
 Stratton loved giving people high 5's while he was riding.
 He kept saying he wanted to ride on the motorcycle and would get so excited about riding the ride that he would forget to get on the motorcycle. So finally I took him in myself and sat him on the motorcycle so he could finally ride it. He was making everyone laugh SO hard while he was riding it. He was making car noises and crouching down really low like he was going really fast. Everyone loved it.
After we got done with Homecommers we came home and Stratton crashed on the couch at 7:30. I couldn't believe he fell asleep so early. I was not about to complain about it though.
 Groucho has been hiding under our kitchen table when Stratton gets rowdy. He also barks at the birds from under there too. I wish I could get a video of him barking but I can never get my camera out in time.

 Sunday we visited my mom at the park for lunch. She had to work so my dad, Stratton, and I took her chicken and friend okra. My favorite!
 Stratton hid under the desks and watched the birds outside.
 My dad was his usual self. (I love him.)
 Stratton has been obsessed with owls lately. He pointed to every single owl on the poster and made sure we knew it was an owl.
 He also found a music maker that was fun to play around with.
 Him and my mom played on it for quite a while.
 We also found a frog at the end of the day.
Overall we had SO much fun going to Homecommers and hanging out with some great friends. Our running joke of the weekend is that people here in Southeast Missouri put "the" in front of everything. i.e. THE Wal-Mart, The Homecommers, The Dollar General, etc...


Karen said...

Ohmygod! Gary's mom adds an "s" to everything and it drives me NUTS! WalMarts! There is only one! lol. I'm glad you guys had fun! The pictures are soooo cute!

Karen said...

I just noticed I used a lot of exclamations in that last comment. I'm not screaming. I promise. ;)