Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Confessions

I confess when I'm mad at Derek and we are riding in the car I purposely listen to music he doesn't like just to spite him.

I confess I cried like a baby at work today when I found out the WM3 were released from prison. I have been following them for 4 years now reading every detail of their case.

I confess when I'm by myself I talk to myself in the car on windy roads to keep from getting car sick. I think it's a distraction.

I confess I have worn the same jeans at least 6 times without washing them. I'm trying to go green.

I confess I came home to the kitty litter box tipped over and poop on Derek's leather chair. So, I went Macgyver on it and now it won't tip over due to the hair ties and peg hooks holding it down.

I confess I will probably make fun of you if you don't know who Macgyver is. If you don't know what Macgyver means stop what you are doing right now and google it. 

I confess I cut all my nails off the other day because I couldn't stand how long they were. I didn't bite them though. I neatly cut them with fingernail clippers then filed them down.

I confess I love helping people but I hate when I get tired and my brain turns into mush. I go into auto pilot and wind up hating what I make.


Karen said...

Aw! I hope you don't hate my blog... or that isn't what you were talking

Emily said...

No no no! I love your blog. This was something for work that I just couldn't get my brain to function.