Friday, July 29, 2011

Please Take A Min

If you could please take a min and answer the short poll I made on the right about the new blog layout and name that would be wonderful. Also, for those who vote and leave a comment as to what / how I can change my blog to make it better I will give away a FREE blog layout to the lucky winner.

The blog layout will include:

New header image of Choice.
New Side Labels of Choice
Background of Choice

Can't wait for all the helpful hints and bits of constructive criticism!

Voting ends NEXT FRIDAY @ 8:00am CST and a winner will be chosen randomly at Noon that same day.


Emmy said...

I really like it! The colors and theme are beautiful, but with the glitter it's fun too.

Some suggestions: The tabs for the other pages on the site are a little confusing. At first I thought it was one long sentence that didn't make sense, and then I realized they were the "tabs". So maybe find a way to make those more distinct.

Les said...

I LOVE your Blog title. I think it fits you perfectly. The Glitter reminds me of your finger nails and your Toms, and the Ink is, well, your Ink!! :) I agree with Emily about the tabs being a bid more distinct, but I'd say everything else is awesome! Even with the "darker" red colored background, your font is white and in an easy to read style so everything looks simply perfect to me!!!

Emily said...

Thanks guys! It's the constructive criticism that helps me out so much!

Karen said...

Aww Man! I missed the deadline I think. It's been one of those weeks! But I will comment anyway. I think if you made you "Emily" "Derek" a little smaller it would look better. Right now it looks like one strand of things. Now I see that Emmy already suggested that. The only other thing I would suggest is BIGGER photos! I know you can click on them to make them bigger, but on my oldie but goodie laptop it takes forever to load. So I'm stuck looking at small ones.

Karen said...

p.s. will you pick me anyway? ;)