Thursday, July 21, 2011

Day 11 Results

I have to be honest...

I have never washed my walls OR dusted my ceiling.

This was SO foreign to me. I took a warm wet washcloth and wiped down all my walls and then took a swiffer duster and dusted the ceiling. I also took my duster and dusted ALL of the pictures I have hanging in my living room. Trust me...there are A LOT of pictures hung up. I washed the walls the other day when I wasn't feeling good but of course I wasn't sure how well I did it so I went over it again yesterday to make sure I did it right. I didn't dust the ceiling the other day because I didn't feel well enough to. But, now it's done and I feel better. I'm glad I'm going back and taking my time on the days I had before. I feel like it's really clean now.

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