Sunday, July 10, 2011

31 Days to Clean - Day 5

Day 5 - Priorities

Today we talk about priorities. This is huge for me. I have always tried to have my priorities in line. There are 7 simple priorities that 31 Days to Clean tells us about. 
1. God
-Work in progress goal: Get up early each day to sit at His feet. If this doesn't happen, I won't beat myself up, I'll just try again the next day.
2. My Husband 
-Work in progress goal: Respond to him lovingly and intimately. Make an effort to serve him first. Be careful not to nag. Show respect. Give him and myself tons of grace when we mess up.
3. My Child
Work in progress goal: Work hard at getting my home in order so that I can be freed up to spend time with him, not worrying about all I have to do. Gain control of my time and schedule so that I have adequate time to plan activities/schooling for him.
4. My Home
Work in progress goal: Work hard, putting off laziness, and putting my family before myself by taking care of the home God gave me.
5. Gifts
Work in progress goal: Use specific gifts to continue to facilitate bible studies.
Work in progress goal: Take time for things I enjoy!

Mary Challenge:
Come up with my own list of personal priorities for myself and my family. Rank them 1-5.

Martha Challenge:
Kitchen - Wash your window treatments treatments and/or clean your blinds. Wash the inside of your windows.


Emmy said...

We talked about priorities with the youth once when we did some leadership training and we used a really cool exercise to help them see what their priorities are. Maybe I can bring it tonight to Callix to show you! :D

Emily said...

That would be great! Thanks Em!