Saturday, July 9, 2011

31 Days to Clean - Day 4

Day 4 - A Place to Put Your Feet Up

Today 31 Days to Clean talks about the inability to get comfortable when you go to someone's house that is "too clean." It's hard for you to get comfortable because you're afraid to touch anything. There is something about a house that you can come in to and just prop you feet up. I would like to think that our house is one of those kinds of houses that you can do that. Not because our house is a mess, but because we have huge comfy couches big throw pillows and a few really comfortable blankets/throws that scream "curl up with me."

Having a clean house isn't just about making your house spotless, or having every bed made or even making sure that everything is in your place. It's about making an environment that encourages people to feel welcome in your home.

Here are 5 ways I can make my house "Feet Propped Up Friendly"

1. Not having anything covering my that has the letters "poly" in it. (NO PLASTIC)

2. Add some more big comfy pillows and a couple more soft blankets.

3. Make sure my living room is clean but not untouchable.

4. Always have a soothing beverage ready to be made (aka coffee or hot tea)

5. Listen when someone is talking to me about their troubles. (or anything for that matter)

Mary Challenge:
I wasn't able to do my Mary Challenge because I had other things I had to do so, tomorrow for my Mary challenge I will have a friend over to enjoy my house and I can enjoy their company.

Martha Challenge:
Kitchen- Clean out my oven and microwave. Don't forget the exteriors.

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Emmy said...

I love that idea! Making your home more "put up your feet friendly". I might have to work on that myself! :D