Thursday, June 30, 2011

Picture Dump

It's about that time again. Time for my to go through all the wonderful pictures I've taken and share them with all you fine people .

I'll explain what they are along the way.

Stratton has a "pow pow" at my in-laws house that he loves to shoot people with.
It's a game to him to shoot anyone who has dry clothes on.
  He was shooting Grandma Lisa right in the arm. He loved that.
 I got a little too much sun that day.

 A friend and fellow blooger of mine (Leslie) had a swap meet. I had never been to one so I wasn't sure what to expect. But, I got more than I expected. This was one of the outfits I got from the swap meet. I'm borrowing the shirt and I get to keep the jeans! Win win!

 Cape Splash has once again been a huge hit with Stratton this summer. He is such a water baby. My mom has been taking him in the afternoons every now and then.
 The slide is his favorite.
 There's a big slide and there is a little slide. I think he went down both of them at least 20 times each that day.
 He would not turn around for a picture for anything.
 We got him to raise his hands in the air as he went down. He loved that. Once he got to the bottom of the slide he had to pound it with whoever the lifeguard at the bottom was.
 This is him trying to smile for me...for a split second.
 He is such a boy! good picture.

Stratton has become quite the fan of Chinese food. So my mom, dad and I took him to China Palace a few weeks ago. This was Stratton's fortune. I thought it was fitting.

 After the water park and a full tummy of Chinese food. Passed out cold.

 We have also been frequenting the Jackson Park to watch the band play with my grandma, John, and my mom. Stratton loves the music and getting to run around. Not to mention it helps wear him out so he sleeps better at night.

 A coworker of ours has a husband that works at a tire place in Cape and she informed us that there was going to be a Big Foot Monster Truck at the store a few weekends back. Stratton LOVES monster trucks so we HAD to go and see the Big Foot. He was so excited when we told him we were going. It was so cute to see him get so excited about it.
 We even got a picture of the truck signed by the driver!!

We helped celebrate Izzy's birthday a few weeks ago too at Cape Splash. She turned 2 year old!
 Stratton was really enjoying his cupcake. I love the way his glasses make his ears stick out.
 Poor Cobie had sunscreen in her eyes and cake all over her face. Stratton kept saying that she made a mess.
 After Cape Splash all the parents got to go to LAMBERTS!!!
 Steph and Ashley got a bread shower when one of the rolls that was thrown to us hit the ceiling above us. It literally rained bread crumbs. Haha.
 Derek and I enjoying the Home of the Throwed Rolls.
 This is Josh and Ashley's dog Arrow. It's he so cute?!

 Dale and Lisa's pool has definitely been a life saver so far this summer. It's nice to get out and sit next to the pool and drink a nice cool drink. Stratton loves the water and is getting to be such a great swimmer.

 It's been SO hot outside. This was a reading inside the truck. YUCK!

Derek's Grandma and Grandpa Williams have a pool table in their basement that Stratton loves to play on. He even chalks up his pool stick before he plays. 

 I saw Groucho hiding in the curtains the other day and found him looking like this. I couldn't help but to take some pictures. He is just so cool looking.
 I couldn't find Groucho a few weeks ago and looked EVERYWHERE. I was starting to worry when I went in our bedroom and heard him meow. Then I found him.
 He is so spoiled.

Derek got some cigarettes from his step mom the other day and I couldn't help but make fun of him for smoking them. They were Misty 120's. It looked like he was smoking pen they were so long.
 Just a side note. Smoking is terrible for you and in no way do I promote it. Don't smoke!

I had the family over the other day and dinner must have been good because as soon as everyone got done eating they all passed out.
My dad.
 My sister.

I got to take a short day off of work last week so I went home and took a nap....with the cat. I think he slept better than I did.

 We had dinner at Leslie's house and there were SO many kids for Stratton to play with. They had so much fun playing in the pool. It was cute getting to see all of them play together.

 More swimming at Dale and Lisa's
 Water Monster!

 I went to bed after Derek and Stratton had laid down and this is what I came to bed to. Cutest thing ever!

 More snuggling with the naked cat. I thought this was a cute picture of him. He looks like he's praying...for fur.

 I got some great pictures of Groucho while he was licking his leg. I'm pretty sure these will go viral someday soon.
 This is my nephew Payne. He is such a doll. Steph and I took him walking the other day and he say SO well. He is getting so big. I love him so much.
 Look at that sweet face. I just want to kiss all over it!

Ashley, Steph, Leslie and I made a girls night last weekend. We went to Primo Vino and had some awesome tasting wine. I got a sip of this bottle. It's one of the more expensive ones there. It was VERY dry but it wasn't bad.

 Derek and I took Stratton to Cars 2 last Sunday. He was SO EXCITED when we told him we were going to go see the movie. He had no idea we were going to the theater though. He loved the movie and he sat so well through the entire thing. I was so proud.
 We went to the Cape West 14 Cine.
 Stratton couldn't wait to get up there to get his ticket.
 They look like they are on a mission.
 The back of Stratton's ticket.
 There we go. Stratton and his Cars 2 ticket. He even gave it to the ticket taker like a perfect little boy.

Hope you all enjoyed the pictures!

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