Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I Need a Little Help From My Friends

I am tired of my blog name because of the following:

1. it's unorigional
2. it's boring
3. it's not very fun
4. none of those are me


Here are a few of my idea

-Keeping Up with the Past
-Stay Tuned...
-Life Less Ordinary
-Catching the Moon

These are the few I thought of but I would really like a few suggestions from you the readers. If you like one of mine let me know if you like a different name better let me know as well. Can't wait to hear everyone's suggestions.

P.S. Don't forget that tonight is Leslie's Swap Meet Party


Emmy said...

My advice is to think of something that really helps define who you are and what you want your blog to say about yourself. Or a phrase or something that people will know right away and associate it with you. I'll use mine for example: Love Woke Me Up This Morning. I got it from a song, and I became a reminder and mantra for my life. So I used it for my blog. It's also my blog email, my handle for Twitter, and my user name for Love Drop. So when people see "Love Woke Me Up" they know immediately that is me.

How do you want your readers to know you?

Emily said...

What about "lady of the house"

I kind of like that since I have a son, husband and a male cat.

Emmy said...

Oh! That's cute! "Lady of the house" is super cute.

Les said...

I'm totally stumped. At first I really liked "life less ordinary" but the more I thought about it I don't really get it lol. Maybe I'm having a blond moment but your life is more than ordinary--it's extraordinary! I like "Catching the Moon" as well, it sounds whimsical and dreamy and I like that :)

Karen said...

I like chasing the moon, but I also like it now... maybe I'm boring? lol.