Monday, April 4, 2011

Progress Report

So I said I was going to post about the blanket I started the other day and I never did. Whoops. 
Here are the materials I'm using. 
 Pink, Green and Black Damask Pattern 100% cotton fabric (Hobby Lobby)
 Neon Pink Thread and the White Flannel for the backing
 Here are all the sheets laid out and ready to go.
 This is why I never get anything done. He is always right in the middle of everything I'm doing.
Here is the Satin Blanket Binding I'm using. 
I've only gotten about a foot of the chenille sewed and I've lent out my sewing machine (which is a blessing in disguise so I won't be tempted and I'll actually do my homework)
Here is what I have done.
I'll update more when I get more of it finished but for now I have a project in my Color Comp class that is due Monday and I'll be working on that. Yawn I know.

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