Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Major Geocaching Weekend!

I had a jam packed weekend of geocaching this last weekend. 
I finally found someone to go with me that likes it just as much as I do!
Saturday morning we started bright and early

4/9/11 Juden Creek Trail GCV5K5
We found it!
This was on the Juden Creen trail downtown in Cape.
It was a good short hike, the only bad thing is that it was super muddy and we both kept slipping.
 We found a skink too!

I had already found this one buy Levi hadn't so I stopped so he could find it. It was on the way back to my house so it was really easy to get to.
4/9/11 View From The Cache (part 4) GC13QX2
 Signing the log book.

We went to the Alpine Shop for a big sale they were having. It was so awesome! I got a really nice Patagonia shirt and also a life jacket for Stratton. I hope to take him floating this summer so this will come in really handy. We picked up my Aunt Pam at her house and she road with us to the Alpine Shop. It was such a nice day out that after we dropped off Auntie Pam we played at the park and then found some more geocache.

 Our first fence post cache! One of my favorites so far.
 It said it was a short "grassy" walk to the cache.
Guess not.

 4/9/11 Well Rooted GC1Z309
We were all three barefoot. This was a little painful. Especially the walk to the bathroom where there was a sweet gum tree with gumballs.

4/9/11 MO I-55 South Rest Area Exit 110 GCTE9Q
 This was on the way home from St Louis.
It was the last one for the day.
Stratton was passed out cold in the back seat of the car.

Sunday was all about geocaching! I took Derek and Stratton to go clothes shopping for Derek. He's been getting a little too big for his shorts so he needed to get a few pairs for this summer. We went to Kohl's and he picked out a few pairs of shorts then we went to the mall to wander while we waited for 11:30 to get closer. Stratton of course had to get an "ice cream" which is a vanilla bean frapacinno. Once 11:30 got closer Derek went home and I took Grandma B out to eat at Pagoda garden. Stratton and I picked her up and we had a really nice lunch. I love pagoda, if you ever get the chance to eat their GO! It's SO good.

4/10/11 Spec Ops Plaza GC11ANG
This is the third time I've gone to look for this one and Levi found it up under a pine tree.
The hint was "needles to say and that's not a typo."
It was a little hard to get to and I couldn't figure out the dang hints for the coordinates.

This geocache is also near my house so we had to make the trip so Levi could check off another one on his list. It's in a really neat cemetery so I didn't mind going back to look around agian.
4/10/11 CGCC1 GC1AN9Y

4/10/11 Lost in the Woods GC112ND
 This was by far the biggest cache I have ever found.
It was full of ants though so we weren't about to pick it up for the picture.
It was a quick little hike through the woods to find this one.

4/10/11 The Three Stooges GC1F0QD
There were three stumps it could have been in.
Hints the name "three stooges"
We had to hike up a big hill but the view from the top was really great once we got there. You could see all of Jackson.

The next one we had planned was for Cape County Park so I let Levi find another one that was right inside the entrance of the park. He hopped out and found it pretty quick once I gave him a little hint.
4/10/11 A Drive In The Park  GC1E30N

4/10/11 Down in the Hollow GC15X9J
 This was at Cape County Park.
It was a nice little hike and we got to see a bunch of neat plants.
 I thought this tree looked cute.
 We even found morel mushrooms!
 We saw two guys looking around for something so we stopped and talked to them to make sure their were a) ok and hadn't lost anything or b)geocaching (you just never know). They were looking for morels. We found a little one on the way out so I took a picture of it.

This was the first "screw" cache I've ever found.
I was not about to touch that nasty gum tree either.

 Took 2 tires to find it. First attempt was with Marcus and we couldn't find it.
Levi found it in like 3 seconds.
It didn't help that it was at night the first time we looked for it and the container is black.

I found this one! Lots of people (muggles) around so we had to be stealthy.

On the way back to Cape I had to stop by my parents house to pick up Stratton's new toy.
Which by the way is a six foot trampoline! Pictures of that to come.
There is a small park by my parents house that just happens to have a geocache in it so I stopped so Levi could find it. I had already found it with my dad so I let him take a look at it for himself. He thought it was pretty awesome.
4/10/11 9/11 Cache GCY6AM

We took the long way back to Jackson so we could find one or two more on the way home. This was another cemetery cache. I'd already found this one too so I let Levi check it out while I looked at all the tombstones. Jackson has some really neat graves. I'd love to see the records for the plots at some of these cemeteries.  

4/10/11 Stonewall Jackson GC1GW6P
I finally found this one...on my third attempt.
This was such a great day. I had a really good time finding all the different geocache. Especially because it was so nice outside. I can't wait for next weekend to go out and find some more!

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