Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday Confessions

I confess I'm really excited about my husband finally getting out of the house for a long weekend so I can have the house all to myself.

I confess when I was younger I never drank soda. I still to this day don't particularly like soda but I drink it so people don't think I'm even more weird than I already am.

I confess the number one thing I love to hate is the new art students that hang out at the River Campus. They are SO weird! I know I was never that weird. They take it to a whole notha wearing cat ears and a class.

I confess there is a kid in my class who has Asbergers syndrome and nobody else likes him. But I absolutely LOVE talking to him. If people took the time, they could see past the super bitter, socially awkward, grumpy kid that he is and see that he really does have a good (weird) personality. He just needs encouragement and I am always the first to give it to him. He was nervous about talking in front of the entire class the other day so I told him he was going to do great. I think that really helped him because he got up there and nailed it!

I confess I have now become obsessed with coupon clipping. I saved $11.50 yesterday!

I confess I miss a lot of my old friends...until I remember all the mean things they've done to me over the years then I just laugh because I have such awesome/better friends now.

I confess I have been trying to stop biting my nails...and I'm failing miserably.

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Les said...

Can I get an AMEN to hubby's goin' out of town?!?! Also, I hate soda. That is all. See ya TONIGHT!!!!