Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I'm lost...

I feel naked today. I forgot my phone at home and it has ALL my pictures from this weekend on it. There aren't a lot but I am excited to show you all that I started on my ridiculously hard blanket.
It looks pretty ok so far but I'm hoping my fabric will quit shifting and line up better before I finish it. Not to mention I hope I can learn to sew a little straighter so my lines aren't so wobbly haha. I'm not too worried about it though. It's my first one so who knows. I'm just glad I started it and haven't quit on it yet. 
Yesterday (and still today) I had a horrible head ache so I stayed at home and folded laundry (yawn) and laid on the couch with Groucho. I went to class for a little bit to turn in a project then dropped off our taxes (which I still can't get filed until we get Derek's W2's from his old employer). I'm doing our meal planning for this week and next so I can go get some groceries. I can't wait to get our tax money back so we can have a little extra $ in the bank. Growing up sucks. Derek is leaving on Friday to go to Texas for the final 4 basketball whatever. I'm not a fan of basketball or the fact that it's on our television at all times of the day so I'm actually glad he's getting out of the house so it can be quiet and I don't have to worry about Stratton picking up the bad habit of yelling four letter obscenities at the television.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Pictures coming soon I promise!

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Les said...

Hey good job on working on that quilt already! You just talked about it on Thursday and now you're already on it! I always talk about projects I want to do and sometimes even go ahead and buy the supplies but it takes a couple months for me to actually start haha!