Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Things I Would Like To Get Done for Spring

In my kitchen:
-get a new handle for my fridge
-Get a wire shelf for pots and pans like this:
In my living room:
-organize all of Derek's magazines in something like this:
-take down or fix our current dvd rack or replace it with something like this:
In my dining room:
-organize top of cleaning closet
-organize bakers rack

In Stratton's Room:
-organize his closet
-organize dresser
-get rid of all clothing that is too small
-decorate walls with decals and pictures like these:
In my Upstairs Bathroom:
-paint in one of the following two colors:
 -get matching light fixtures. I like these the best:
In my master bedroom:
-organize the closet like this:
-organize the dressers
-move around the furniture
-take down the closet doors and replace with curtains to save space

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