Thursday, February 10, 2011

Guns, Snow, and Cookies

This last week has been packed with excitement! This last weekend my Dad took Derek, Marcus and their friend Todd to the shooting range. They had quite the male bonding experience. Derek said his shoulder was sore from the shotgun (I secretly think it was from the manly arm punching that guys do when they're "bonding").Here's my lovely husband doing his best redneck impersonation.
Notice the cigarette in mouth still...that takes a lot of talent.

We also received some snow this week. The worst of it was yesterday about mid day. Here are a few pictures I took on my way to class. The conditions of the roads were horrible but the people's driving around town was even worse. It took me an hour to get to class from Fruitland.

 Yep, that's 17 degrees. This morning it was only 7!
The Emerson Memorial Bridge covered in snow

Last night since the weather was so nasty I decided to have our friend Lauren over for dinner and to help me make cookies. Derek went and picked her up, well he tried to pick her up. He wound up having her walk to the bottom of their enormously long drive up to their apartment complex. I made missile burgers for dinner. YUMM! They're a glorified sloppy joe but they taste SO good and are really easy to make. If you all would like the recipe please feel free to ask. Derek and Stratton love it when I make them. I also got to use my Kitchen Aid Mixer for the first time last night. I made my Grandma's Homemade Cookies from scratch! That's right SCRATCH! They turned out really good and they went fast today when I took them to work. I kept a bag at home for myself just because I know how much people I work with love free food. Especially sweets! Here is the final product as well as my Day 4 of 30 Day Picture Challenge.

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