Tuesday, January 4, 2011

December...Better Late than Never

First Snow of the year!
It wasn't much but it's was SNOW! Jackson school district was out of school that day for this!
Lucky school teachers.
Stratton was watching tv like this and I couldn't help but take a picture of him.
He sits just like his daddy.
I was trying to teach Stratton how to wink. This is the result. Haha.
This too.
Stratton was having fun with the magnets at Aunt Casey's house.
We apparently had too much fun at Aunt Casey's. Notice the orange STILL in hand as he was sleeping.
This was for my mom's birthday. Stratton helped her blow out the candles.
Stratton helped take out the candles and licked the bottoms of them. Not sure where he got that from.
I took a half day a few weeks ago and decided to make a trip down to the SEMO River Campus to get a peek at Nathan Sawaya's lego sculptures. They're pretty amazing. If you get the chance (and they're still down there) you should go take a look at them.
This was the first of our family get together's for Christmas
This was over at Derek's Step-mom's sister's house.
This was the present that Derek and I brought for the rob your neighbor. 
It was awesome!
 This was our cute little tree. Most of the presents under there were for Stratton.
This was at Derek's Dad's house on Christmas Eve. We had too much fun watching all the little kids opening the MOUND of presents. I think the parents had more fun playing with the toys once they were actually open though. 
This is Stratton not wanting his pictures taken any more.
Christmas Ever we went to the Light Show at Cape County Park with Stratton. The pictures aren't that great but we had an amazing time watching Stratton.
Countdown to Christmas 1 hour 27 min 20 seconds
We were making snowmen in the driveway.
Grandpa Calvin made him a snow man. It was so cute...until he swatted it off onto the ground.
Christmas morning at our house was really short because we had to make our way over to my Grandma Marge's house.

I love going to Grandma Marge's house on Christmas morning because she makes the BEST breakfast casserole I've ever tasted. We opened up a bunch of presents here too. Yay... just what we needed.
Marcus got JUST what he wanted...from Victoria's Secret. Just kidding, he got a iBlox from our work.
Stratton Loves his Grandpa Calvin
We got Marcus an iBlox from work. I think he was pumped about it.
We got my dad a VCable from work too. It's has a volume adjusting knob on the connector of the cable.
Stratton doing no handed yoga!
He loves his new puzzle so much! It makes all kinds of vehicle noises.
I got a new Kitchen Aid mixer! I can't wait to use it! I hope my home made cookies taste as good as Grandma Marge's and Grandma B's!
The whole family! Even Sage. Poor Sage.
Marcus, Casey, Me and Derek outside of Grandma Marge's house.
Time for Christmas at Derek's Grandma Maxine's house. 
Lots of presents!
Aunt Mary, cousin Payne and Uncle Danny
Aunt Stephie and ALL the presents!
Payne was loving Uncle Danny. I think Payne was a little tired.
Stratton got drums from Derek's grandma. He loves them!
We had 5 different Christmas's this year. I'm SO glad that it's over.
Thank you to everyone who helped make our holiday so much fun!


Anonymous said...

glygrLove all the Christmas pictures from all the families. You guys had a BIG Christmas. You know we love having all the family and is so much fun. More bubble wrap next year???

Les said...

Emily I loved all your Christmas pics! Where did you get Stratton's guitar jammies?? They are adorable!