Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Just breathe...

1. I'm seriously having one of THOSE days. I woke up to Stratton soaking wet because he peed through his diaper, a massive headache, and all of this happened before my alarm went off.

2. I couldn't sleep last night because I added up all the medical bills I got in the mail plus all of our regular monthly bills and it's more than we make in one month not to mention they are all due this month.

3. I'm still trying to get over this stupid stomach virus that has been going around and I feel like I can't eat anything without feeling like I'm going to turn around and throw it back up.

4. I got to class today and my professor handed me back our last paper and said it was late (which it wasn't) and docked my grade 10% giving me a 73%

5. I have been e-mailing my online professor about not being about to take the quizzes online and after a WEEK of getting no responses he finally e-mail me back to tell me they are available now. I go online take the two quizzes that I missed and don't pass either one of them.
6. My house is a mess because I have felt like crap for the last 4 days and can't muster up the energy to get it clean. Not to mention the fact that I STILL have 3 loads of laundry folded and waiting on my floor that need to be put away.

7. My heart is STILL bothering me because I'm stressing out all the time and if I get back on the stupid medication I feel like I'm going to die.

8. I just feel like I'm being tugged in all directions all at once.

 9. I seriously feel like putting my hands up in the air and giving up on my dream of having a college degree.

Going along with the new book I'm reading I'm going to try to look past all these problems and make light of these situations.

1. At least I got to see my son this morning and got to wake up to another beautiful day. My headache will eventually go away along with Stratton's weird sleep schedule.

2. We are going to try to pay these bills one bill at a time and do budget billing to we don't get too far behind. I'm going to try not to freak out about it because it has to be done. I don't have any other choice. Instead of stressing over it I just need to get them paid and keep moving forward.

3. This too will pass.

4. I talked to the professor after class and explained to her that I didn't turn the paper in late and she gave my 10% back to me.

5. If I fail my online class I will be put on financial probation. If I drop the class I will be put on financial probation. So I'm going to keep trying and keep working hard to try to pass this class and if I don't, the worst that can happen is that I will be put on financial probation. I put a post on facebook looking for anyone who is willing to help me out with this class so hopefully someone can help me out.

6. I just need to take it one room at a time. I need to ask for help from Derek and I need to stay on top of the messes that have been made. Take it one day at a time.

7. If I would just quit stressing out the problem it would fix itself.

8. I need to give these things that are bothering me to God and quit stressing about them.

9. I have worked way too hard to give up half way through these classes. I need to just stick with it and do it one step at a time. I can do this.

 There...I did it. I feel better already. 


Mallory said...

Chin up! I had some testing done and it was costly and my deductible hadn't been met. I found out I could pay monthly without interest to the hospital. You may want to check into that.

Also, our church is going to start it soon and we will do it, the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University. I hear it works wonders...you may want to see if any churches around are going to be doing that. It's $100 I think, but worth it. Maybe you could get Grandma or someone to pay it for you! ;) Hang in there!

Ashley said...

I'm sorry it's been a rough time! When it rains, it pours. Hang in there and know that God has this all in His hands. I'm like you--if I type/talk it out, it makes me feel better. Hang in in there!

Emily and Derek Williams plus one said...

Thank you guys so much for the kind words. I had a rough day yesterday but I felt so much better after I got it off my chest.