Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

The day before Thanksgiving was super foggy. I got some really great pictures from my phone. I didn't have the good camera over the weekend so I didn't really get a lot of quality pictures.

 This was driving home form work on Wednesday after work.

 We went to Dale and Lisa's house first for Thanksgiving. It was our first stop of the day.
Stratton loves his Grandpa Dale and cousin Payne.
 This is my ADORABLE nephew Payne again. He is the sweetest little thing ever.
He has the cutest smile and is always so happy.

 Me and Steph on Thanksgiving. Love my hipstimatic app.
 Lisa and Kayden. She smiles so pretty.
 Payne and Grandma Mona. Payne was loving the sweet potatoes that we were feeding him.
 I love Thanksgiving. Does it get any tastier than this?
This is Jessie and Daniels youngest girl. Her name is Izzy. She is SO stinkin' cute!
 This is their oldest girl Alexis. She looks just like her daddy.
She is quite the artist too. Such a good drawer.
 Family lunch at Grandma Marges house was after eating at Dale and Lisa's.
 Auntie Pam got to join in on the festivities.
 My sister and Marcus acting funny.

 Sage was sitting SO pretty. She wanted food.

 Auntie Pam and Stratton were wrestling.

 My dad woke up early on Thanksgiving and got a few ducks.
I posted it on facebook with the line "Five ducks and a turkey under it"
 Me n Marcus. He's such a good guy.
 Me and Grandma Marge

Love my Family!
Stratton found colors so he laid on the floor and colored.

This is my step Aunt Tammy and her little girl Jessie.
The whole Family on Thanksgiving.
Casey, Mom, Auntie Pam, Derek, Me, Stratton, Dad, Grandma Marge, and John.
Oh and half of Sage.
I had such a wonderful Thanksgiving. I love getting to see my family and spending quality time with them. Not to mention that I'm and really thankful for all the gifts that God has blessed us with.

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