Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Baby Payne Sitting

Derek, Stratton, and I got to watch Payne a few weeks back. It was kind of a practice to see how well we could handle two kids at one time. It was a pretty good idea as to what it would be like if we had another. He's such a great baby and we had such a great time. Enjoy the pics!
He is such a cute baby! I love him so much!
He fell asleep in my arms so I put him on the couch and had to take pictures.
Stratton was such a big help. He helped put Payne's pacifier back in his mouth when it would fall out.
Derek played guitar for Payne and he loved it. It was so cute.

Thanks Garrett and Steph for letting us watch Payne. It was SO much fun and he is such a great baby.

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