Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Because I have a Son

Because I have a son that is growing up so fast I can look at these moments and laugh.

I hope you can too...

Stratton playing with our plastic laundry container. A few min after I took this picture he busted his bottom lip. 20 min later he buster his top lip.

HE has decided that HE is a big boy now and that HE can most definitely feed himself.

I think he gets more down the front of him than he actually gets in his mouth.

He's sort of got it down.


This is what happens when you feed him 6 banana halves at the Jingle Bell Run and then let him run around naked for 3 min unattended.

No that's not a fake turd. That is the byproduct  of Stratton's banana binge.

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Will and Vannessa said...

Emily, my childless friends tease me that I have a turd fetish because I have been known, on occasion, to take pictures of Cole's turds. I try to explain that it is just something Mommy's do. Thank you. I will have to show them your blog, and say "Suck it!"