Monday, October 19, 2009

A weekend without Stratton

This weekend felt like it was the longest weekend I have had in forever! Stratton went to Knoxville with my MIL Lisa and FIL Dale and Derek's grandma Mona. This was the first time he has ever spent more than like a day away from us. It was VERY quite around the house so I kept myself busy by working...a lot. I have been working at the Kostume Shoppe and Linda Murphy's barn to get some extra cash for Christmas this year. I worked Thursday afternoon, Friday afternoon, Saturday morning and afternoon, and Sunday morning at the barn and I worked Thursday and Sunday at the Kostume Shoppe. Friday night I went to Grandma Marge and John's house for dinner then went to Bingo world with my friend Ashley (Barks) Seabaugh. Saturday night I went to the Haunted Hall of Horror at the Arena with my SIL's Ashley and Steph and BIL's Garrett and Josh and of course Derek. It was actually really fun and I thought it was WAY better than it had been in the past. The only down side was the hour and 15 min wait in line to get to it. We made it fun while standing in line though. We had some very interesting conversations to say the least. We got Andy's ice cream after it was all over. The boys got to watch us girls get chased by a guy with a chain saw at the very end. That was Derek's favorite part. I waited ALL weekend for Sunday. I went to the barn in the morning and then went home for a short nap then was off to the Kostume Shoppe. I bought Stratton's Halloween costume and at around 3ish Dale, Lisa, Mona, and STRATTON walked in the door at the store. I was so excited to see him. It felt like forever ago since I saw him and for some reason he seemed SO much bigger than four days earlier. It was good to have a long weekend to work and not worry about him but I definitely missed him. I got to take the camera home from work so I took a few pictures. Here they are. Sorry no new Stratton ones I was too busy loving on him to remember to get the camera. :)

Here is the barn that I work at. This is Linda and Mike Murphy's barn. I love it out there. It's so beautiful. There are 5 dogs (2 inside), 11 cats (5 of them are brand new kittens), 6 horses, and 2 donkeys!
This is Sara. She smiles a lot. She's the sweetest dog out there. She's been kicked by a horse twice in the same leg. Poor thing. She just wants to heard them.
This is Duke. He's the really playful one. Him and Ollie (who was M.I.A.) always chase each other and bring me rocks to throw while I'm cleaning stalls.

This is one of the new horses. He's beautiful.

Sara loves to sneak up on the cats. They don't seem to bother with her.

Grandma Marge's pretty Fall Decorations. Aren't they pretty.
I love this picture. It had just gotten done raining and I took this in front of Grandma's house.

Grandma Marge talking with Derek.

This is such a good picture of Grandma Marge.
John resting in his chair listening to Derek complain about me taking pictures.
Derek hates getting his picture taken. Obviously.

Derek's dirty sneakers.
My dad!

Eating dinner. We had spaghetti. It was SO good. Thank you Grandma!

BINGO WORLD!!!All the pull tabs that were no good.
This is why I love bingo. You see the most beautiful specimen of humans around. Like this fine creature.
This old lady may look like a sweet old woman but that lady has the loudest "BINGO" I have ever heard.
All the pretty bingo dobbers.

Ashley and I were mad we didn't win anything.
This was the last game. We had our fingers crossed the whole time...and it didn't help.
The old man with the black shirt on looked like my Grandpa B from a distance. Once we got closer he didn't look like him that much at all.
This is Marcus's (my sisters boyfriend) poor dog Ender. He has cancer on his head. If you can't tell.
We call this his stink eye look.
This is my sisters dog Sage.
What a dogs head should look like from the side.
What Enders head looks like from the side.


Anonymous said...

Loved all the pictures but missed one of Stratton. The ones you took in front of the house were really good especially of the flowers with the rain on them. Glad that you enjoyed the spaghetti and was fun having everyone here. Sorry you didn't win at bingo but that is the way it goes.

Will and Vannessa said...

You're too funny Em! I am sooo glad you're blogging more. Yay! I even get alerts when you've posted something new. Poor doggy though!