Thursday, October 1, 2009

Pictures from the last Year

Stratton's first OTA trip with the family. He had a blast except for the whole falling out of the camper part.
Me and Casey after we got done going kayaking. It was so much fun.
Aunt Casey and Stratton at the OTA event.
Bored in the car on the way to Kentucky to go see Auntie Pam.

Derek and I in front to the bear habitat (obviously) at the Milwaukee zoo.
Stratton was zonked after a day at the zoo.
Petting goats at the Milwaukee zoo.
Stratton being dedicated at First Christian Church.
Stratton at Grandma Marge and Grandpa John's house.
Christmas with the brother and sister-in-law
In front of the zoo after a long day of walking around and seeing the great zoo.
Stratton and me in front of Grandma Marge and Grandpa Johns house.
On the way to Kentucky to see Auntie Pam
Petting the goats. Again. Milwaukee zoo.
Little Stratton.
Camping at Trail of Tears with Grandma and Grandpa B
Milwaukee zoo.
Cute baby Stratton only a few months old.
Daddy and Stratton.
All the family in Kentucky.
Me and the sister in law.My favorite smile. Derek can always get him going. Shana and Little Jimmy. Derek's step aunt and cousin. Little Jimmy is one day older than Stratton.
Auntie Pam and Stratton!
At the zoo.
Camping at Trail of Tears again.
Derek playing soccer with Cooper one of our many cousins.
Derek playing with Camble. She's so cute.
Grandpa John and Stratton.

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