Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Christmas & New Years!

Ok, so these are a little out of order but I'll tell where each are from and so on. Haha. Hope you like!This is what happens when you don't put a diaper on right. It goes through the diaper, through the onesie, through the p.j.'s and right on to dad's shirt! Even with his ears sticking straight out he is the cutest kid ever! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture!Sitting in his bumbo seat that he got from Great Grandma Mona and playing with his Elmo Live that he got from Grandma Brenda. Elmo and I were having a heart to heart. This is the perfect picture of why you don't give young parents toys that talk or move or anything along those lines. OH MY GOD!!!! LET IT BE KNOW THAT DEREK IS FEEDING THE BABY!!!! The two loves of my life. He totally has his daddy's dimples.

Our cute little family on Christmas at Great Grandma Mona and Great Grandpa Bill's house
Justin! This is Derek's cousin Ashely's husband. This was his first Christmas with the fam in Jackson.
Whitney had a little bit too much fun on Christmas.
I love Ashley's p.j.'s! They are SO cute.
Stratton was smiling SO big when Ashley was playing with him. I wonder why... Again, I can't figure out why he was smiling so much...hummm?
Christmas at Great Grandma Marges house with Great Grandma B too.
This picture is such a great picture.
Great Grandma B is such a sweet heart. I love her so much.
This is over at Great Grandma Maxine's house. Uncle G was gettin his baby time in.
The Pantera (a rock band Derek likes) onesie that Grandma Brenda got Stratton. Back to Grandma Marges house. Haha. This is the outfit that Aunt Casey got Stratton. He loves it! So does mommy. Derek got a tool chest from mom and dad this year and he LOVES it! Finally a place for all his dang tools! Best present ever! Little Man is teething SO bad. Poor little guy. :( I think he likes what he got... Yep, he does. Grandma Kathie was reading his new book to him.Aunt C and Uncle Marcus got Stratton "Where the Wilds Things Are" and an ornament to match!
Derek was trying out his new ear muffs. I think they fit. I got an eye mask. I think it makes me look sexy. Great Grandma Marge"s tree was so pretty!

Grandpa Calvin making his appearance on my blog finally! As Santa. Uncle Marcus is so silly! Stratton loves his new bumbo seat. He sits on the couch with dad and watches 24. I like how he spreads out his toesies! This has to be the cutest kid on earth! Our first Christmas tree! Yes, that is all the presents we had under our tree this year. Derek played Santa. This is how you can tell we have a colicy baby. You don't get any sleep but still manage to function. It's still a cute picture of our first family Christmas. hah! Derek got me a video camera that I love! He got me a Nintendo DS too. New Years at Garret and Stephanie's house! Happy New Years!
This is Garrets baby. Marley!

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